Kids will be excited to read about the incredible magic tricks he can do and super cool magic words he uses. In this book (the first of eight stories) Richy will be performing a brand new magic trick for the first time! Will it work and amaze the kids? Or will it end in disaster with craziness and magical silliness? Your children will absolutely fall in love with the way he tries to find a solution and you will be happy that you have found an enticing story that will catch your children’s attention. Perfect for any child, written for kids 3-8 years old.  Illustrations will be made by the very skilled and talented Nathan Binns by using a printmaking process!

It is so important to encourage kids to learn how to read at an early age. The best way to help them is by getting books in their hands that they will love and enjoy. I have three children of my own and we read books every night. They each get to pick out a book and quite often they re-read the same book over and over. When a child falls in love with the story or the characters or the art, then they build valuable memories that are shared with the parent they are reading with and they develop a love of reading. This promotes literacy and gives the children a higher aptitude for learning throughout life! My goal was to develop a book that I could read over and over with my own children. A book they would fall in love with and get excited about reading. This is that book! Children enjoy the silly magic words. They love looking at the dazzling outfits. It stimulates their imagination and they dream about the amazing things a real magician can do.

These stories are based off of my real life experiences as a professional magician mixed with lots of creativity. Any child that has seen my show will be very excited to relive the magical moments that they witnessed first hand! Kids that have not seen the show will be very amused and entertained from this story and the others that will follow.

Adults have many famous magicians (David Blaine, Lance Burton) to watch and love. Teenagers have some insanely cool sorcerers like Harry Potter to read about. Young children will have the amazing magician Richy Roy to teach them about the art of magic and spark their imagination!!!

The Book is currently for sale on and will be available in bookstores Sept 16, 2017

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"Richy's magic shows are filled with energy and enthusiasm that is contagious for kids of all ages! Good clean family fun!" 


- Kam Teo, Regina, SK

"This guy is a great talent on stage. He is calm and professional, but fun and approachable at the same time. Great for all ages. I recommend his magic shows." 


– Rachelle Clark, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

"Richy Roy never ceases to amaze! Rain or shine, all ages enjoy his fantastic show.

From my son, Indra, when we told him we knew you, "You know The Richy Roy, the Amazing Magician!" Mouth agape, as if we personally knew Santa Clause."

- Jeff Bohnert, Arcola, SK


Let me start saying if David Copperfield and Howie Mandel had a lovechild, this guy is it. One of funnier and talented magicians I've watched get started and grow to an incredible act. The man is the Michaelago of Balloon Art, if you can think it he will certainly can make it. My kids love his talent, he's very engaging to all age groups and is very adaptable to tailoring to his audience. His book is a fantastic read for young children, I highly recommended to anyone looking for some amazing entertainment to hire this man."

– Eric Satre, Weyburn, SK