Attention, Fundraisers!

I Finally Found the Secret to Raising

Thousands of Dollars!


“It’s been over three months since you’ve performed at our fundraiser,

and people are STILL raving about you!”  

 ♠ Dezerie Rattray, Regina Kinnettes Society


“That was the most fun I’ve EVER had at a fundraising event!  Your show rocks man!”

♦ Tyler Tayler, Financial Advisor, Scotia Bank


Imagine what it would be like to raise more money with less effort!  Have you been trying the same fundraiser year after year?  Do you get stumped when it comes to thinking up new ideas? Tired of selling raffle tickets or boring hot dog BBQs?


The number one reason for not supporting fundraising groups is that people have already donated money to another cause.  How do you get around that?  It’s simple, do something unique that benefits your donors!


Entertainment!  People love to be entertained and they will gladly pay for it!  How many times have you rented a movie when you could have just stayed at home and watched what was on TV?  I’ve done it plenty of times, but I paid that extra $5 because I wanted to be entertained.


But wait, you’ll attract more people if that entertainment is UNIQUE!  Sure, everybody listens to lots of music and loves the live band, but people have watched dozens of bands, attended many cabarets, and frankly, it is doesn’t excite them any more!

What could possibly be unique and entertaining?  MAGIC

That’s right, a fun evening of magic and comedy fit for the entire family!


Ask yourself this question, “When was the last time I saw a live magician on stage?” Most people will say it has been many years and others will say NEVER!!!


This is it, finally a way to raise a lot of money and have a lot of fun doing it!


The further and further you read this promo offer, the more you will learn how spectacular Richy Roy’s Magic Show really is.  I guarantee it will be the most fun and enjoyable fundraising event for you this year. Everyone from the volunteers to the donors will be pleased to have shown their community support in your event. Richy Roy’s Magic Show is your chance to make you look like a star in your community and raise more money than ever before!


A Great Story from a Dedicated Fundraiser, Just Like You!


“Every year my friends and family come together as a team to raise money for the Cancer Society, and every year we get frustrated trying to think up new ways to generate the income.  Eventually we just give up and do the same old wiener roast and sell the same old chocolate almonds.  Year after year our team gets smaller and smaller because people get bored doing the same old thing.  But last year was different!!!


Richy approached me and said “Hey, I’ve got a fabulous idea for making your team more money and getting more volunteers to help you out.”


It was so easy because he guides you through it, every step of the way!!  He sent us posters, free prizes, easy to follow steps in organizing and was there to answer our questions whenever we needed him.


That year we ended up with the most money our team ever raised!!!  Over $3240 dollars was donated and our team enjoyed the project every step of the way.  Pretty amazing for a town that doesn’t even have 1000 people.   This is how we made it happen:


  1. We agreed on a date for the magic show.

  2. We got a gym donated to us, to hold the fundraiser in.

  3. The word spread and we had tickets selling like the latest Game of Thrones book!

  4. For extra income we sold advertising spots in the program!

   5. Show time came and the Magic Man Richy Roy put on an exciting evening of magic that people are still talking about!

                   - Krissy Harmone, July 2014





Just Imagine How Easy it is!


Lets imagine a local theatre that fits 300 people, and you are selling tickets for $20/adult and $10/child (12 and under).


   300 adults × $20 a ticket = $6000 for your organisation !


That’s a whopping $6,000 you could make, JUST from the ticket sales!

Now imagine the tickets selling out so fast that we have to add another show!


   $6000 per show × 2 shows = $12,000 to your group !


WOW!!! A possible $12,000, JUST from ticket sales!

Now add on all the other possibilities to generate more income.


$12000 shows + $2000 ads in the program + $1000 concession =

$15,000 to your cause!


Think of the amazing opportunity to possibly raise $15,000 and more, for your organisation.  Now, that would make you look like a STAR!


Remember, this fundraiser works so well because it’s unique and it benefits the customer!  It’s something different that always generates money no matter how many organisations people have already donated their money to.




How to Book Your Magic Show


If you are as excited about this as we are and you can hardly wait, just pick up the phone and call us right now at (306) 861-2201!  Don’t wait any longer, now is the perfect time to call, any time is perfect


Another fast response is to e-mail Richy Roy at  Please include your name, organisation, location, and three possible dates for booking.



Don’t wait any longer!  Book your AMAZING magic show today, and magically see your fundraiser put a spell on your community!



P.S. – Richy Roy’s tour is only making one stop per town in Saskatchewan, so hurry and book your show today, before another group does first!  This is the most magical show in the province; make sure your group is the one benefiting from it!


Call 306-861-2201 to speak with Richy Roy now!





"Richy's magic shows are filled with energy and enthusiasm that is contagious for kids of all ages! Good clean family fun!" 


- Kam Teo, Regina, SK

"This guy is a great talent on stage. He is calm and professional, but fun and approachable at the same time. Great for all ages. I recommend his magic shows." 


– Rachelle Clark, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

"Richy Roy never ceases to amaze! Rain or shine, all ages enjoy his fantastic show.

From my son, Indra, when we told him we knew you, "You know The Richy Roy, the Amazing Magician!" Mouth agape, as if we personally knew Santa Clause."

- Jeff Bohnert, Arcola, SK


Let me start saying if David Copperfield and Howie Mandel had a lovechild, this guy is it. One of funnier and talented magicians I've watched get started and grow to an incredible act. The man is the Michaelago of Balloon Art, if you can think it he will certainly can make it. My kids love his talent, he's very engaging to all age groups and is very adaptable to tailoring to his audience. His book is a fantastic read for young children, I highly recommended to anyone looking for some amazing entertainment to hire this man."

– Eric Satre, Weyburn, SK