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Dear School Representatives

Are you trying to find amazing assembly programs that will influence your students as well as thrill the team?

You have actually landed at the best place if so.

The Amazing Magician Richy Roy is an inspirational and also motivational school assembly presenter that provides elementary schools around Canada excellent programs that influence students in an enjoyable, unique and fun way. Richy Roy is now in his 13th year of offering professional children's magic shows in elementary, middle, and high schools. Now you could bring him to your school and also take part of the enjoyment too.

Each Program Consists of ...


Super Fun Magic Tricks: 

Children love magic! Richy's magic tricks are utilised in a range of methods to keep the focus and also catch the attention of your students throughout the entire show. Additionally, each magic trick has a unique way of tying in the message and teaching your students about the lesson plan being taught.

Hilarious "CLEAN" Comedy: 

Every student will certainly be laughing non-stop from the moment the program begins to the end of the performance. Each program is kid tested and teacher approved from hundreds of shows over the past decade. There is no need to be concerned for what exactly your students will be exposed to.

Audience Participation: 

Having children be part of the show is a sure-fire way to guarantee success!  Everyone helps to make the "magic" happen during the show as well as several lucky students get to come up on stage and participate directly in the program. Your students will certainly love this part of the show!

Music & Even More: 

Popular positive, upbeat, clean songs, and a whole lot more make the programs enjoyable as well as interesting to view.  All your students will be on the edge of their seats to see what will happen next.

  • 45 Minutes to 1 hour, Of Astonishing Enjoyable & Education and learning

  • Full Command Of The Entire Audience

  • Non-Stop Giggling From Your Students

  • Targeted To Specific Grade Levels

  • Affordable Pricing

Small Town Creative

Small Town Creative demonstrates how creativity knows no boundaries or limits through engaging magic routines, dynamic balloon sculpting, and fun and energetic music and videos. Entertainer and author Richy Roy helps students understand that no matter where you live or where you come from, your creativity can be used to inspire others and enrich their own lives as well.

With the instant connectivity through the internet, children are growing up in a very different world then we are used to. No longer do we have to move half way around the world to follow our dreams of becoming an artist, author, musician, or entertainer. We can be creative in our very own small towns and still be able to share our art with the world. The intention of the performance is to encourage kids to not feel limited in their life choices because of where they live or where they are from. Richy talks about his own life’s journey, pursuing the dream of being a professional entertainer while still being able to live in a small town, and inspires kids to follow their own dreams that can become reality with hard work and belief in themselves. The performance will also encourage kids to tap into their creative side by focusing on storytelling skills and creative writing (Richy talks about the children’s book he wrote for Grade 1 students), as well as exposing them to performance art, and the lesser known art of professional high-level balloon sculpting.

Links to the curriculum include:

  • Highlights visual art works that express ideas about identity and how it is influenced.

  • Investigates various visual art forms, images, and art-making processes to express ideas about identity.

  • Uses appropriate forms, technologies, images, and art-making processes to convey ideas about topics of concern to youth.

  • Focuses on setting goals to enhance the development and improvement of the skills and strategies in viewing, listening, reading, speaking, writing, and other forms of representing and take steps to achieve goals.


Number on tour: One

Performance Fee: $795 + GST

Recommended Age Range: K-12

Show Length: 45 minutes + Q&A

Maximum Audience: 1,000

The Magic of Stories

More info coming soon.





"Richy's magic shows are filled with energy and enthusiasm that is contagious for kids of all ages! Good clean family fun!" 


- Kam Teo, Regina, SK

"This guy is a great talent on stage. He is calm and professional, but fun and approachable at the same time. Great for all ages. I recommend his magic shows." 


– Rachelle Clark, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

"Richy Roy never ceases to amaze! Rain or shine, all ages enjoy his fantastic show.

From my son, Indra, when we told him we knew you, "You know The Richy Roy, the Amazing Magician!" Mouth agape, as if we personally knew Santa Clause."

- Jeff Bohnert, Arcola, SK


Let me start saying if David Copperfield and Howie Mandel had a lovechild, this guy is it. One of funnier and talented magicians I've watched get started and grow to an incredible act. The man is the Michaelago of Balloon Art, if you can think it he will certainly can make it. My kids love his talent, he's very engaging to all age groups and is very adaptable to tailoring to his audience. His book is a fantastic read for young children, I highly recommended to anyone looking for some amazing entertainment to hire this man."

– Eric Satre, Weyburn, SK